Register for the MyHealthcare app

The registration process is made of 4 stages, here's a few things that are useful to know before you start

  • Registration
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  • Limited access
  • Verify ID
  • Full access

We need to verify your identity

Your medical record is extremely sensitive information. To ensure it’s security we need to verify that it is you requesting access. You’ll need to verify your identity in person at your surgery before you are given full access to your medical information.

After registration you have limited access

Registering for the app sends a pending request to your local practice and gives you limited access to the app. This allows you to book one appointment at your local surgery, after which you’ll need to verify your identity in person.

At this stage you can not order medication or view your medical record data

What you can do with full access

After verifying your identity in person, you will be given full access to the app and will be able to book appointments, order medication, view test results and your medical record

We take your privacy and data very seriously.
Read our privacy policy here.
Read our fair processing notice here.