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Our registration process is made up of 3 stages

To keep your details safe we need you to bring identity documents to your practice so we can verify your account

Step 1: Register for an account online

To get started you need to register with your name, DOB, and the practice to which you are registered. To send you appointment confirmations and other useful things, we need an email address or phone number

Step 2: Verify your identity in person

Once registered you will have limited access to the app and can book one appointment. To book more appointments, order medication, and view your medical record you need to verify your identity in person at your practice. This step is essential to ensure the safety of your medical record.

Confirming your identity

When bringing your ID to the practice please remember:

  • Bring two forms of identification
  • One form of identification must feature a photo
  • Acceptable documents include:
    • passport
    • photo driving licences
    • bank statements
  • Bills are not an acceptable document

Step 3: Create a password and get full access

Once verified you will receive an email or text message containing a link to create a password and complete your registration. You’re then all set to book appointments, order medication, and view your medical record 24 hours a day!

Your Details

These must match the practice records

Contact Details

We only need one piece of contact information but you can give us both. This will ensure you receive all notifications and reminders. This will also be used as your login.

Your number can be used as your login, so it’s easy to remember.

By providing a mobile phone number we're able to send you appointment reminders, secure sign in codes, and the ability to cancel appointments, straight to your phone


Your email address can be used as your login, so it’s easy to remember.

By providing an email address we’re able to give you all the functionality of the app without the requirement of having a mobile phone

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy and data security very seriously.
Please take a moment to and read our privacy policy and fair processing notice.

Having trouble registering?

We've created a support video to help you get started. If you're still having problems registering consider contacting your practice and registering in person with two forms of identification. One document must feature a photo so must be a passport or driving license